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So as I’ve stated before, I am a business student and as a project to better myself I am considering opening up my own business.
It would be great if you could take a look at this website below, and give me any feedback you think will help me 🙂

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End of Uni Buys

I have finally finished my first year at Univeristy!! And I thought Id share with you a couple of things I bought to celebrate.

The Graphic T-Shirt;
The first thing I have had my eye on for quite a while. A gorgeous graphic design shirt from This isn’t available online anymore, I bought mine from eBay.
IMG_2937 IMG_2938


Its a really lightweight material which is perfect for the summer time ( if it arrives ) I got the size up from which I usually get to give it more of an oversized look, but not too big as its such a colourful piece I didn’t want it to swamp me out. It was on the site for £14.99 which I think is a really good price especially for the detail and the quality of the materal.

The Floor Length Kimono;

My next buy, I wasn’t specifically looking for this, but as soon as I saw it I HAD to get it. This purchase was in Primark, and was £10.00.

IMG_2939 IMG_2941

A beautiful cloud print/tye dye floor length kimono. I cannot wait to wear this to the beach, I just need a pink bikini to go with it. Its a lovely lightweight material as well, like the sheer chiffon that flows around in the breeze. The colours are really complimentary together, and are really high contrast. Definitely be turning heads on the sea front.


Hope your all enjoying my blog so far, it would be great if you could spread the word!

The Little Black Dress… with alot of class.

I LOVE the simple but classic look of a little black dress on a night out. A dress like that gives you the chance to accessorise with pretty much any colour you want. Today I’m showing you my favourite outfits matched with silver as I love the clash of metallic with black. Some gold accessories are definitely on my wish list.


The first dress I am showing you is unbranded, I bought it off the second hand market place ; DEPOP, though I have found it on varioud eBay shops for merely a tenner. This dress cost me £12 altogether including postage.

IMG_2796 photo 1 photo 3

(excuse the mess in the background, I’m having issues with laziness)

Mesh detailing is a great plus for me, I believe it allows you to show off your body without looking a bit too over the top (slutty). The waist line helps accentuate the hourglass figure. Its made with a thick material that helps suck in those lumps and bumps we can all be guilty of. The only downside to this dress is that its an over the head struggle to put it on as there is no zip, so I don’t recommend you do your hair til after you’ve squeezed your head through this. But for the price I am very pleased with this purchase.

My next dress is my splurge dress bought from in the Nicole x Missguided range. This dress was £35 with free postage.

IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_2809 IMG_2811

You’ll see a pattern here… more mesh! This dress is quite interesting as its two dresses worn together. The under slip is quite clingy material with a deep v – neck and fishnet type material at the front. I’m still trying to find the right bra to wear under this dress as I have a lot of nipple issues with out one. The dress on top is purely mesh material with a high neck which accentuates the deep V-neck underneath.


I team both these dresses up with some silver shoes. I bought these from New Look for £24.99 over Christmas.

IMG_2806 IMG_2804

Gorgeous peep toe shoes with lovely diamante detail. These are also quite comfy to wear which is a bonus for me as I love spending most of the night dancing. There is not much to say about these as they pretty much speak for themselves.


And last but not least – the bag. I bought this one in Miss Selfridges in the sale for £14.

IMG_2814 IMG_2815  IMG_2813

This silver and black beauty really ties the shoes and the dress together, especially with the diamanté “knuckle clasp”. And with a clasp like that you don’t even need to wear rings! Its a small bag, it does look quite cute but it does fit in everything I need for a night out (phone, money, ID and lipstick). Even better it was a sale buy and we all know that makes an item just the little bit more awesome.


Well I hope you all enjoyed my first post. Anything specific you’d like me to write about? Comments are much appreciated!







Hey there virtual world, I have finally decided to start my own fashion blog, after spending most of my spare hours looking through them. I’m relatively new to all this so bare with me for the time being whilst I find my feet.

A little bit about me?
I’m in the UK, based in Plymouth. I’m 21. Currently doing a business foundation degree, though being off for the summer, I though why not put my creativity into something for other to enjoy with me. I LOVE shopping, and buying new clothes… even though my wardrobe is full to the brim, I just cant get enough ha-ha! Most of my money goes on evening attire, being 21 and all I love looking fabulous on a night out with the girls.

This blog?
I will mostly be posting my favourite outfits and make up buys, and probably a fair amount of personal ramblings… I do tend to over talk, so I’m sure this will be conveyed in my typing. I love speaking to new people, so come speak with me, and give me tips on how to get a handle on this whole blogging world. My favourite places to shop at the moment would be Missguided, Primark, eBay, and Boots, everything I post will have price in mind, as I am a student I will be showing how to look absolutely amazing, but with a pretty decent budget.

Will be doing my first outfit post over the next few days, so stick around and welcome to ME.